Not dead

Hey peoples, sorry I haven't updated the comics for a while, there's been work and journeys to the doctor and patterpillar shenanigans (and patterpillar shenanigans *at* the doctor's, because he bought three).

Shopping cart is now on the shop page, and working as it should. Yay! :D

Also, the supermarket made me buy tomato, bacon and chilli noodle soup. It is tasty. It will be tastier when it cools down a bit.

And lo, there was a Pantheon!

Behold, gentlepersons! Pantheon has updated!

If you go back into the archives, you'll see I've removed everything but the one-offs and guest strips that came after Daughters of God and restarted Adamantine Sickle without all the extra characters.

The dropdown nav box seems not to have registered my changes to it, for whatever silly reason, but the calendar is working properly.

Eventually, the aborted pages of Adamantine Sickle, along with The Beast in the Dungeon and the fuzzball comics, will be on the Extras page.

Pantheon tidying

I moved the shop on to Pantheon's page, which means it's now yellow instead of black, and has ads on it. It still hasn't got the actual means of buying the stuff that's on it, but that's a minor detail!

Not entirely satisfied with the position of the newsbox on Pantheon's front page, but I don't really want to delete any more of the "about the comic" text either.

I'm going to pull some of the more random content out of the main Pantheon archive and put it on the new "Extras" page...

Working on the "About" and "Links" pages on Dark Lord's Garden.

Added Dark Lord's Garden to The Webcomic List, we'll see if people start to come through from there like they do from Belfry.
Rick and Steve

rollin' rollin' rollin'

I am totally going to make a tshirt that says "Never underestimate the power of the Pink Side". It will be popular with little girls as well as queers. :D

In more pertinent news, I have acquired a lovely Javascript shopping cart whatsie that has been hammered into shape such that it can add up the weight of people's purchases and calculate postage based on the total. Because *Paypal couldn't be bothered*! Also, I have learned that Our Benevolent Overlords have started up a payment system and the fees are cheaper than Paypal's.

Still working on the whole shop page thing.

There was something else, but I forget what.