rahball (rahball) wrote in pantheoncomics,


If you ordered patterpillars in the last week, they're on their way. :)

I've just updated the patterpillar dropdown and the list on the patterpillar stock page. I've only got one grey and one buff brown left now, and no more orange, but there are several fun new colours like the slime green, the feather-textured white and the swirly tie-dye pink. I also got hold of a nifty camouflage-patterned fur last week, which I'll make some patterpillars of and photograph on the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, if you visit www.patterpillarshop.com, you'll see I've turned it into a proper CRE'ATURES site, with a story of patterpillar origins for the kids, a page on my airbrushed tattoos, and a listing of fairs and whatnots I'll be attending. The vast majority of these will, of course, be school fetes in and around Sydney, with the odd science fiction or furry convention in other cities.

If you've got a school fete or similar where you live, that you'd like to sell patterpillars at, let me know! pantheoncomics{at}gmail.com
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